Laptop Repairs and Maintenance

Laptops, where would we be without them? These tireless workhorses make our lives a lot easier, allowing us to get our work done on the go, running around town with us wherever we go. As a result, no matter how careful we are our laptops take a lot of abuse and accidents can happen.


Broken your screen?


Fear not, broken screens are not the end of the road for your laptop and are generally economical to repair.


One of the best things you can do for your laptop is preventative maintenance. The average laptop should be cleaned internally at least once a year to keep it free from a harmful build up of dust.


If the screen hinges feel a little loose, get them tightened, loose hinges can result in broken screens, shorting out power connections and more damage to your laptop. In short, the more you look after your laptop the better it will look after you.


So if you'd like to to keep your laptop in ship-shape condition or need some repairs, just give us a call and make a booking now.

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