Orcon and Slingshot drop global mode


As you may have heard Orcon and Slingshot are removing their global mode service as of the 1st of September . This move comes as a result of combined legal action from Spark subsidiary Lightbox, Sky TV and Mediaworks.

This outcome for global mode may be indicitive of a larger push by the more encumbent and traditional content providers such as Sky Television, against the seemingly overwhelming surge towards internet dominated entertainment.

This means however that people may start looking towards other alternatives to the global mode service, and there are plenty of them out there. Some of the alternative services are pretty straight forward to setup and shouldn't cause you any problems, others may end up breaking your internet connection, collecting data on your browsing habits and causing other internet related headaches. So if you're looking at finding something to replace your global mode service, you accidentally break your internet, or you are just concerned about the risks, give us a call we're happy to navigate you through the do's and dont's of SmartDNS and VPN serivces.

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